Frei(T)räume is not a talk show. For the third year, Frei(T)räume - Public day of the Stadt Nach Acht Conference, engages with international perspectives on nightlife culture and city development. The main focus is recognizing troubles and difficulties of cities Worldwide to accommodate and offer cultural nightlife that engages and moves social groups. Frei(T)räume offers critical reflections and Intimate discussions of current situations, defining the forefronts of urban movements around the globe. Visionary international actors are invited to share their understanding of circumstances which have set in motion new processes of organization. Each story enlightens new perspectives on Berlin´s own introspection surrounding the topics of:

Health & Safety / Safe Dancefloors, Exclusivity / Inclusivity, LGBT+, Door Policy, Scene Inclusivity, New Urban Tools, Grassroots Culture, Noise Emission, Model Spaces, Rave Diplomacy, Dancing With Urgency

Visuals arts, Rave Diplomacy, Movie Screenings and Workshops are all around to explore.

All eyes on...